Curb appeal

The European style for displaying objects

The North American rule of thumb for decorating is to display items such as vases or photo frames in odd numbers. On my recent trip to the Netherlands, I found that the decorating style there is to display items in even numbers. And it works! Why? Well a symmetrical display of two identical items is a balanced look that is pleasant to the eye. If there…

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How to make the best first impression of your home. Part 2

6. Coordinate your house numbers and mailbox. Updating your house numbers and mailbox is one thing, but why not make them a matching set? And to make sure that your house numbers are visible from the road, step across the street to confirm that they are easily spotted. 7. Add a bench or chair to your entry. Having a place…

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How to make the best first impression of your home. Part 1

2. Put down a new front door mat. Whether you prefer functional or whimsical, refresh your entry with a colourful, humourous or just a plain new doormat that makes you smile when you get to your door. 3. Brighten up your entryway with a new light. There is a good selection of affordable outdoor light fixtures in various styles.  Choose a fixture…

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Urban Aesthetics Update Regarding COVID-19. During this time we are offering virtual consultations via Zoom or FaceTime. Our purpose is to help you enhance your home so whatever you need – contact us, and we’ll see how we can help.