My client’s family room had a red brick fireplace that dominated the space and she wanted a change. Because of the odd size and the lack of a mantel, the fireplace seemed out of place and unfinished. And since the client wanted to upgrade to a remote-controlled energy-efficient gas insert, this was the perfect time to redesign the fireplace surround. A full fireplace renovation was in order. In the end, she wanted her fireplace to complement the look and feel of the rest of her home that we had updated and transformed over the years.

before photo
A fireplace is always a focal point in any space. When choosing fireplace design materials, there are a few considerations: the overall aesthetic that the client preferred, the style of the home, and the proper scale of the surround. What will hang above it (if anything) is an additional consideration, whether it’s a TV or decorative objects such as a mirror or artwork.

Fireplace Renovation With a New Custom Cabinet and Floating Shelves: After

For the fireplace surround, we decided on a light, neutral tone ledgestone tile from Julian Tile. The contractor, Vaile Long from All the Right Angles, did a fabulous job rebuilding the fireplace frame and tiling the surround.
Renovated fireplace surround with builtin cabinet and floating shelves
After fireplace renovation

I suggested that we create a built-in cabinet on one or both sides of the fireplace surround and the client opted to go with a built-in on the left side only since she already had a freestanding sideboard on the right side.

We talked about our options for the wall above the cabinet and whether we should design a full height box with shelves, have floating shelves or leave the space open for a large piece of art.

In the end, we decided on floating shelves so she could use the space to display photos, art accessories, and books.

wood mantel on ledgestone tile fireplace surround with floating shelves

The custom cabinets were built and installed by troico, based out of Coquitlam. They really did an excellent job with the finishing of the cabinet and shelves. The client especially appreciated that they scribed the cabinet to the ledgestone tile of the fireplace surround.

We also had them match the stain for the mantel and cabinet top to the stain of the client’s sideboard. We wanted the space to feel fresh and up-to-date while keeping the style of the finishes to have traditional origins. The medley of rich wood tones and a classic stone finish accomplishes just that.

The wall colour Dry Sage by Benjamin Moore was selected years ago and the client still loved it so there was no need to change it.

ledgestone tile on fireplace surround with custom cabinet and floating shelves
Client’s slipper chair and striped area rug in the family room lounge area.
Styling by Nancy DeVries – Urban Aesthetics

If you have a fireplace that needs a makeover, hire a design professional to help you with finding the right product’s design to create the space that you will love to come home to. Schedule a 15-minute Discovery Call with me here.

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