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Colour Consultations

Colour has the power to stimulate appetite, promote playfulness and encourage productivity. Our surroundings influence our emotions; home should feel like a sanctuary. Paint colour is one of the most visible elements of each room and should be chosen with intention. Nancy works with each client to get to know their lifestyle, taste and preferences in order to choose a sophisticated palette that works for their home.

Choosing colour schemes can be overwhelming for many people who are unsure where to start, which makes for a longer process. Nancy structures and streamlines that process, saving her clients money and time. Her years of experience enable her to see the big picture and pull the entire room together, including subtle touches that may go unnoticed.

We Can Help With All Stages

As an interior decorator, it is important for me to recognize and concentrate on all of the key elements needed in any room in your home. My goal is to create a unique design that is functional and relevant to my client’s vision, all while maintaining a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

We are always happy to work with you on choosing the best colour for your home and or any interior design projects — our services can assist you from initial planning phase to the final implementation and completion of the project.

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