The next step in the window covering motorization technology is coming soon to a window near you. It’s called PowerView by Hunter Douglas and it’s all about two-way communication between you and your window coverings.

More details will come in July when it launches in Canada, but yesterday, along with other authorized dealers, I saw a preview of how it works and how the new features, like the Pebble Remote and the Scene Controller, will transform how light and privacy can be controlled in our homes through your window coverings.

PowerView Pebble remote is available in seven colours

The new remote is ergonomically shaped and is very user-friendly, with buttons for a group of shades operation, shade up/down, vanes open/closed, and my favourite, a STOP button. Previous remotes had only an up or down button, and in order to stop the shade, you had to press the button that was the opposite of the direction of the way the shade was moving.

The Scene Controller lets the user create scenes to balance different lighting and privacy needs throughout the day. The user can create a scene that is called Good Night which can make the shades lower and close at a certain time or whenever it suits the mood.

PowerView motorization

Another great feature is the new PowerView App by Hunter Douglas, where you can customize how your blinds will work with your lifestyle. For example, you leave your house for work in the morning when it’s grey and rainy, you turn your lights off but forget to open your blinds that are still closed from the night before. Around noon you see that the sun is out, and you want to make sure that your house plants don’t die from light starvation because your blinds are closed all day. You can open the PowerView App via your mobile device, connect to your HUB, and open your blinds from wherever you are.

Or, say it’s a Saturday afternoon and you are out doing your errands. Your teenager is at home, still sleeping and you want the lawn to be cut before you get home. Use the App on your phone to open up the blinds in your teenager’s room! Now how have you lived without that powerful feature? LOL.

For the energy conscious homeowner, you can schedule the operation of your window shades to optimize your home’s energy efficiency. So when the sun is beaming through your living room window during the afternoon, you can set the time for your blinds to close so you can reduce your solar heat gain, which then reduces the amount of time that your cooling fixtures will need to be running.

Schedule when your blinds will operate

This technology is unique and innovative, as well as fashion forward, for you and how you live.

Hunter Douglas motorized blinds are powered by battery wands, rechargable battery wands or hard-wire connection.

If you would like PowerView motorized window shades for your home, contact me at to set up an in-home consultation.



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