I enjoy a rewarding DIY project. Part of what makes a DIY project successful is having the right tools for your particular project on hand and ready for action in your own home toolbox.

I’ve always been a little proud of my toolbox which contains an assortment of tools that I have purchased, but more notably, tools given to me by my dad over the years.

So when my parents came for a visit this spring, it was time to bring out the toolbox because I had a roller shade installation project waiting for my dad to help me with.

Now for my clients’ window covering installations, I employ my professional blind installer to do the¬†installation, as they can do the job faster and more efficiently. But since this was just one roller shade for my laundry room, I figured my dad and I could tackle this together.

This is how the installation process happened:

Before we drilled any holes in the wall, I held up the shade to mark where I wanted the top of the shade to be since it was going to be installed outside of the window frame. We then held the brackets in place and made marks where we needed to pre-drill the holes for the brackets.

Here my dad is drilling the holes for the valance brackets. The brackets for the roller shade are attached to the valance.

roller shade brackets
Top view of bracket for valance
Test fitting the roller shade



Now the roller shade can be inserted into the brackets that are attached to the valance. It was a bit of a tight fit when trying to affix the end of the shade into the rotator-side bracket but after some grunts and “ows” from pinched fingers, I was able to rotate the T-hook into the closed position. This keeps the shade in place when it is being raised and lowered.

roller shade brackets

Next, the front panel of the valance needs to be attached to the returns on the valance. There is adhesive on the plastic L return and the front panel adheres to that, which makes the corners of the valance join together almost seamlessly.

roller shade valance returns

And here is the finished look! What a difference this now makes on a window that did not have a wood trim casing. Thanks Dad!

Roller shade installation

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