How to make the best first impression of your home. Part 1

2. Put down a new front door mat. Whether you prefer functional or whimsical, refresh your entry with a colourful, humourous or just a plain new doormat that makes you smile when you get to your door. 3. Brighten up your entryway with a new light. There is a good selection of affordable outdoor light fixtures in various styles.  Choose a fixture…

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Finding the right covering for your windows

Having been a Hunter Douglas Select dealer since 2002, I am able to help people find the right coverings for your windows based on your specific needs and personal aesthetics. If you are thinking about changing your blinds and are overwhelmed with the choices, here are several options to consider. Silhouette Window Shadings These sheer shades are one of my favourite window…

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How to add low cost style to your Dining room

How to add low cost style to your Dining room Even though it’s cold outside, we can pass away the time until spring’s arrival. So book a few more dinner parties with your friends and enjoy an evening in your dining room. Here are a few budget friendly suggestions to add low cost style to your dining room: 1) Style…

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