When it comes to our bathrooms, most of us have a pretty good idea of what we would like our bathrooms to look like, but in reality that dream doesn’t just happen overnight. Whether you are renovating or cosmetically updating your bathroom, making a plan is the first step to ensuring you will get the look you want, the function of the space you need, and the emotional reaction you’ve been dreaming of. An important part of this process is knowing how to implement your personal style into your bathroom that will help take the look from store vignette to private home spa.

Here are my ideas for creating that presence:

1)      Create a soothing atmosphere. This can be done to fit anyone’s budget by painting your walls a soothing colour – one that you love and find relaxing. It might be a sky blue like Benjamin Moore’s Whispering Spring 2136-70. Complete the look by painting your cabinet and trim in a soft white or linen colour like Ivory White CC 130.


2)      Take it up a notch. Upgrade your counter top to a white quartz or marble for a clean, opulent look.  An added upgrade that can be DIY is to change up your cabinet hardware with a new style ranging from whimsical, to round glass knobs to shiny chrome square pulls.

3)      Trade up. Replacing your taps and faucet can bring your bathroom from the late 90’s to the current decade. A bathroom fixture manufacturer like Dornbracht has clean, soft geometrical shaped fixtures that will certainly make your bathroom feel stylized with luxury in mind.


4)       Introduce texture. If you are doing a complete renovation in your bathroom, I recommend spending a decent amount of your budget on quality, neutral materials that will not date in style or durability. Within that neutral palette, allow yourself some play with texture and pattern when planning your floor and wall tile layout.

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5)      Personalize your reflection by customizing your vanity mirror or mirrors. You can frame your existing mirror with crown moulding or replace it with a mirror in a decorative frame. A designer tip is to go tall and narrow with the mirror shape so you heighten the look of the room.

6)      Light it up. Add LED strip lighting on the toe kick of your bathroom cabinet so you can have ambient lighting while soaking in the bath.


7)      Accessorize! If you have space, add a furniture item like a chair or a stool to bring softness and comfort into your hard surfaced bathroom. And other accoutrements like candles, framed art, matching baskets, potted plants and window dressings will add finishing touches to transform your bathroom from blah and boring to a personalized charming retreat.

Following these decorator tips will make the function of your bathroom be the highlight of your home with it’s appearance of comfort, style and calming emotion.

If you are thinking of renovating your bathroom and are feeling overwhelmed with the multitude of choices, consider hiring a professional to help you with your planning and design.

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  • Maria Killam
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    Great post on bathrooms Nancy! Love the images you found and your tips!

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    Great blog Nancy! I have added this as a news item on my websites and linked back to your website:


    Keep up the great work.



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      Thanks Arnie! I appreciate the support!

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