Make a Cozier Home with These Three Tips


Dealing with the dreary weather and chilling winds of February can be a trying experience. With spring still in the distance, it’s up to your home to provide the warm respite you need to get through the winter. With these handy tips, you can make your home the cozy getaway you need to get you through to spring.

Bring Warmer Colours Into Your Home

Colours have been proven to have a huge influence on a person’s mood. Take refuge from depressing weather forecasts and cold mornings by bringing some warmer colours into your home. Yellows, oranges, and certain shades of red can really brighten a room and bring a cozier feel to your home.  Fortunately, there are a wide assortment of decor accessories that will bring these colours into your home, such as coloured blankets or accent pillows for your couch, a decorative centerpiece for your coffee table, or perhaps a new table cloth for your dining table.

Gray sofa with colourful pillows and throw

Layers and Layers Home

Try a New Lighting Style

It may be a small tweak that you have never thought about before, but the way a room is lit can play a huge role in creating a warmer atmosphere. Lamps are a great way to illuminate a room and create a cozy, welcoming setting. If you are using lamps in your home, be sure to equip them with “Soft White” or “Warm White” light bulbs. These bulbs feature a slightly yellower tone that can help give your home a little bit of extra warmth. 

Introduce a New Scent Into Your Home

Trying out a new comforting scent is a great way to make your home feel cozier. Scented candles, in particular, are a great option worth considering! Besides bringing a relaxing glow to your living space, scented candles or diffusers are a fantastic way to create a cozier feeling to a room. Some great scents to check out include woodsy aromas like the just-cut forest fragrance Frasier Fir Candles or scents that offer a hint of cinnamon. One of my favourites is from Vancouver Candle Co – The North. It’s subtle, fresh and does not have an overpowering scent.  

If you would like help to create these cozy ideas in your home, give me a call and or set up an appointment through my email.

Text by Chris Harcus and Nancy DeVries


The Art of Hanging Art

After a client has had the interior of their home freshly painted, the new wall colours usually inspire them to want to rearrange their artwork, and this is definitely the perfect time to do it. Over the years, I’ve been hired by my clients to return (after helping them choose their new colours) and help them hang their artwork. This is one of the many commissions that I love about my job. It is so exciting to give clients a new perspective of their home and their artwork when they hire me to show them the art of hanging art.

Of course, there is always the first hurdle to get over — and that is choosing which piece to hang first. Usually, I will advise that the piece that is the most important to the client goes into place first. Sometimes the client already has a designated spot for that one piece, but if they don’t, I will make sure it is hung in a prime viewing location. Once that first one goes up, then the next few pieces are usually pretty straight forward.

hanging art

Design by Urban Aesthetics and C Design Co

hanging art

C Design Co

If a client has a collection of photographs around a theme such as travel photos or family photos, I will try to find a wall where these photos can be grouped together. Individually these types of photos are usually too small to be hung on their own, so together they will make a statement. Here, photos in the same theme are hung in a symmetrical pattern. This is a formal style and probably the most straightforward layout to arrange.

hanging art collection


If you’d like to try something other than symmetrical, here is a guide showing various arrangements of how to group photos on one wall:

art of hanging art

This art collection is arranged on an expansive wall for full visual impact. This is a smart way to bring the height of that wall down into the living space.

hanging art collection


This hallway has both styles of art arrangements and it works really well in this space.

art collection


If creating this kind of “freestyle” layout is a struggle for you, cut out paper the size of your artwork and tape it to the wall after perfecting the arrangement on the floor.

During this process, you can hammer in your picture hooks, remove the paper and then hang your art! Easy!

hanging art


Do you have a wall of art? Which arrangements do you like?

If you would like more information on creating any of these arrangements for your home, contact me here.


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5 Steps to a Quick Christmas Arrangement

I love using natural materials at any time of the year to decorate my home, but I especially love it during the Christmas holiday decorating season. 

Here is one example of a quick arrangement that I put together in a very short amount of time. I took photos of the process.

  1. Gather from your garden (or local nursery) some cedar branches, huckleberry or boxwood branches along with some decorative ornaments.

cedar branches

2.       Fill your urn with water and place the cedar branches inside, arranging them to hang over the edge of your planter. cedar branches planter box

3. Place about 3 twigs of huckleberry or boxwood (which you can spray paint to add colour or sparkle) among the cedar branches near the back.

4. Place an oversized ornament (or lichen ball as shown) in the centre of the branches to weigh them down to keep them in place.

5. Add other decorative ornaments or ribbons to your arrangement for the finishing touch. Cedar branches arrangement

Now wasn’t that easy?

If you have any quick holiday decorating ideas, share it with us by leaving a comment!


The European style for displaying objects

The North American rule of thumb for decorating is to display items such as vases or photo frames in odd numbers. On my recent trip to the Netherlands, I found that the decorating style there is to display items in even numbers. And it works!

displaying objects

Why? Well a symmetrical display of two identical items is a balanced look that is pleasant to the eye.

displaying objects in even numbers

If there are more than two items and they are different colours and sizes of the same shape, a small cluster can be a more interesting focal point. For example, an artist might use three focal points in a painting because it creates more interest instead of having just one or two focal points. The irregular visual causes the viewer to look longer as they try to find the main focal point. People are naturally drawn to visually balanced displays, so when artists and decorators add a twist by creating balance in an odd numbered collection, it is sure to get the viewer’s attention.


In many ways the variety of shapes and heights in a collection is more important than the number of objects in it. I think the photo below of a window from a home in Kinderdijk, Netherlands shows this example beautifully.

displaying objects in even numbers

Everything is balanced using the rule of reflection symmetry.

So what is your preference? Do you like the pleasant balance of displays with an even number of items? Or do you prefer the dramatic effect of offset, odd number items?

displaying objects

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