Commercial Interior Design

At Urban Aesthetics interior design projects showcase your business by creating a space which is environmentally advanced, designed to have a long lasting impact, and be unique to the clients’ needs.

Urban Aesthetics works with all types of businesses and institutions requiring commercial interior design services, such as: medical offices, dental offices, law firms, condominiums, office buildings. We listen to the needs and wants of our commercial clients, and review their company’s mission and objectives. We place a great amount of emphasis on research and planning to help create and design the environments that meet the strategic business objectives, and to ensure that it supports people while they work, live and enjoy their new work environment.


As an interior decorator, it is paramount for us to recognize and concentrate on all of the key elements needed in a commercial space. We have to create a unique design that is functional and relevant to the commercial client´s vision, all while maintaining a balance between functionality and aesthetics.

We follow a systematic approach, including: research, analysis and integration of interior design knowledge into a creative process. We find that this approach best suits the needs and resources of our clients to produce an interior space that fulfills their project goals. Urban Aesthetics always takes care to provide an extensive amount of research before submitting the design proposal for approval to the client, architect, engineer.

We are always happy to carry out any type of commercial interior design projects — from initial planning phase to the final implementation and completion of the project.

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